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Roman Shades in Colorado Springs

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Price $$$
Durability Good.
Function Opens Bottom-up(Standard)
Opens Top-down-Bottom-up(Optional)
Operation Roman shades are operated with a pull string or a loop string.
Looks Upscale, and can fit any style due to the large selection of fabrics. They come in flat or hobbled (teardrop) styles.
Privacy Excellent. However, there may be an issue when door mounted. Consult with one of our experts for more information.
Sun Protection (UV Protection) Depends on fabric choice and liner. Liners may be black out or translucent.
Insulation Medium to high depending on liner.
See Through Optional.
Can be motorized? Yes.
Can be cordless? Yes.
Compatible with large windows? Not recommended due to weight.
Black Out? Yes (there is an optional black-out liner).
Stack Size when Raised? 8-10 inches from top of window (depends on window height).
Water Resistant? No.
Easy to Clean? Can be cleaned like any drapery.
Compatible with Patio Doors? Yes. Vertical application is available.


Upscale look, works for any room. Translucent or blackout liners offer great flexibility. Great for people who prefer a fabric look.


They can be heavy. Also, you have to take them down to clean them, and would require dry-cleaning.

This product has the largest stack at the top of the window of any of our shades.


These high end window treatments offer a classic, up-scale look. They are thought of much like shutters, Silhouettes and other high end window treatments.

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Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation Now!

Call: (719) 633-3633
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