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Roller Shades in Colorado Springs

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Price $$
Durability Excellent.
Function No Tilt. Up and down only.
Operation. Plastic Loop Chain (Standard)
Metal Loop Chain (Optional and Recommended)
Motorization (Optional)
Looks Will fit any décor depending on fabric choice. There is a wide range of roller cover options and bottom hem designs as well.
Privacy Good (The side gaps are wider than conventional blinds.)
Sun Protection (UV Protection) Depends on fabric choice (Black out, translucent, and solar fabrics).
Insulation Good.
See Through Solar shades and designer screens only.
Can be motorized? Yes.
Can be cordless? Yes.
Compatible with large windows? Yes.
Black Out? Many black out fabrics are available. Using roller shades to black out a room can be a little tricky, so please consult with one of our experts.
Stack Size when Raised? Small compared to other blinds.
Water Resistant? Depends on the fabric you choose.
Easy to Clean? Yes.
Compatible with Patio Doors? Yes.


There are huge selections of fabric as made them extremely popular with interior designers. You can find almost any pattern or color. There many options on the hem and roller covers to make them very decorative.


There are large side gaps compared to other products. Additionally, the standard plastic chains can make them appear cheaper than they are.


Roller shades are becoming very popular. Many manufacturers are rushing to get new fabric options to the market because roller shades are becoming so popular. If you want the newest trend, this is it. Technology has finally caught up with the roller shade. What was once prone to breaking is now a top quality and reliable shade. As a result, the endless design options have increased the popularity of this shade.

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Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation Now!

Call: (719) 633-3633
- OR -
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