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Pleated Shades in Colorado Springs

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Pleated shades are made from pleated fabric. Pleated fabric shades are an excellent choice for window treatments because they add texture to a room.

A few years ago, shade manufacturers introduced honeycomb shades (a.k.a. cellular shades) which still have the appearance of pleated shades, but instead of one piece of fabric that is pleated the shade is actually made up of one or two layers of hexagon-shaped fabric cells. The honeycomb shades have a similar appearance as traditional pleated shades, but they offer improved insulation and sound dampening. As a result, honeycomb shade sales have skyrocketed, and pleated shades have decreased in popularity. Today, some manufacturers no longer offer pleated shades at all.

If you are interested in honeycomb/cellular shades in Colorado Springs, please check out our honeycomb/cellular shade page. If you are interested in traditional pleated shades, here at the Blind Connection we do still work with some manufacturers who make pleated shades. We can absolutely accomodate your pleated shade needs.

The Blind Connection is a great place to buy pleated shades in Colorado Springs because we offer between 25% and 75% of retail prices on most of our products, and we offer a free in-home consultation.

Price $$
Durability Excellent.
Function No Tilt
Opens Bottom-up (Standard)
Opens Top-Down (Optional)
Opens Top-Down-and-Bottom-Up (Optional)
Operation A lift cord is standard. There are a heavy-duty lift cords available (for shades of 35 sq.ft. or more).
Looks Softens the look of your room.
Privacy Good.
Sun Protection (UV Protection) Good.
Insulation Fair.
See Through Optional.
Can be motorized? Yes.
Can be cordless? Yes.
Compatible with large windows? Yes, but large windows may have seams in the middle of the shade.
Black Out? Yes.
Stack Size when Raised? Small compared to other blinds.
Water Resistant? No.
Easy to Clean? Yes.
Compatible with Patio Doors? Yes, but only with the Up-down shade.


Light weight.


They are quickly becoming obsolete because of the emergence of the cellular shade. Also, the lift chords and the holes they go through are visible.


They cost as much as cellular shades, but without the insulation. Cellular shades have really replaced pleated shades. Many companies no longer even offer traditional pleated shades. Many of our customers ask us for pleated shades when they really want cellular shades.

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Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation Now!

Call: (719) 633-3633
- OR -
Schedule an Appointment
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