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Plantation Shutters in Colorado Springs

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When people in Colorado Springs want Plantation Shutters, they call the Blind Connection. We don't just sell blinds and window shades. We are your source for any kind of window treatment your space needs - this includes Plantation Shutters.

Some people simply call them 'shutters' (leaving the word plantation out), but they are all really the same thing.

Here at the Blind Connection, we also offer a Free In-Home Consultation, and between 25% and 75% Off of the Retail on almost every product that we sell. Plantation shutters can get pretty expensive, so it is very important that you take advantage of our great prices.

Price $$$$
Durability Excellent.
Function The slats tilt open and the shutters swing open similar to the way a cabinet door opens.
Operation Both tilting the slats and opening the shutters are done by hand with a center mounted tilt bar. There is an optional hidden tilt feature.
Looks Traditional or High End. They add gorgeous lines to a room.
Privacy Excellent.
Sun Protection (UV Protection) Excellent.
Insulation Very Good.
See Through No.
Can be motorized? Yes.
Can be cordless? N/A
Compatible with large windows? Yes.
Black Out? Ok, but not great.
Stack Size when Raised? N/A
Water Resistant? Vinyl Shutters only.
Easy to Clean? Yes.
Compatible with Patio Doors? Yes.


Shutters are beautiful from your home's interior, and add great curb appeal. They are available in Wood, Composite Wood and Vinyl, giving you many options. You also have option of different louver size and a hidden tilt bar. They can also be used on odd shaped windows. Custom paint and stain color matching is available.


They are the most expensive option. Shutters require clearance on the sides of your widows, so you must consider what else is in proximity to the window.


If you want a custom, high-end look, shutters are the way to go. If you have the budget for it, shutters are a great option. It is becoming more fashionable to have larger louvers. Larger louvers allow for a minimally obstructed view, and appear less busy in your window.

Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation Now!

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Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation Now!

Call: (719) 633-3633
- OR -
Schedule an Appointment
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