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Cellular Shades / Honeycomb Shades in Colorado Springs

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The Blind Connection is the best place to get a great price on cellular shades/honeycomb shades. Cellular shades and honeycomb shades are the same thing. Most people in the industry call them cellular shades, but must customers call them honeycomb shades. Customers call them honeycomb shades because from their sides they have a honeycomb style pattern. In the window covering industry, we call them cellular shades because each shade is made up of a collection of fabric cells rather than one single piece of fabric.

No matter what you call them, they are a fantastic window shade. Cellular shades/honeycomb shades are our most popular window coverings. They are available in a wide range of options. Some of these options include:

  • Cordless Options
  • Black-out Material
  • Sheer Material
  • Top-Down-Bottom-Up Opening
  • Motorization
  • Vertical Shades
  • Duo Shades (A black-out and sheer material in one shade).
  • And many more...

At the Blind Connection, you will save between 25% and 75% off of the retail price on most of our products, and we offer a free in-home consultation.

Price $$
Durability Excellent.
Function Opens from Bottom-up (Standard)
Opens from Top-Down (Optional)
Opens Top-Down-and-Bottom-Up (Optional)
Operation A lift cord is standard. There are a heavy-duty lift cords available (for shades of 35 sq.ft. or more).
Looks Softens the look of your room.
Privacy Excellent.
Sun Protection (UV Protection) Excellent.
Insulation The best option available for reducing your energy bills. We recommend the double cell shades for greatest R-value.
See Through Sheer fabrics only.
Can be motorized? Yes.
Can be cordless? Yes.
Compatible with large windows? Compatible with windows up to 12 ft wide.
Black Out? Black Out material is optional. Black out cellular shades are the best option to darken your room. When our customers indicate that blacking out all light is their highest priority, we start our recommendations here.

Black Out cellular shades are ideal for bedrooms and home theaters.

No window covering will block out 100% of the sun's light, but black out cellular shades have a mylar coating inside of the shade that make them the best option that is currently on the market. Some black out shades are made with opaque paper. We don't recommend these and only sell black out shades that contain mylar.
Stack Size when Raised? Small compared to other blinds (Great for windows with views).
Water Resistant? Yes.
Easy to Clean? Yes.
Compatible with Patio Doors? Yes, either as a sliding vertical shade or as two conventional up and down shades.


They are the best insulating blinds available, are lightweight, and affordably priced. They are virtually maintenance free. They are commonly used for odd shaped windows. They can also be used as a vertical shade (See vertical shade). Their narrow stack when raised makes them ideal for windows with views. If you are looking for a black out shade, cellular shades are by far the best option.


There is no tilt function. Bugs can occasionally get into cells, but that can be easily fixed with an spray air duster or a wood dowel.

Our Recommendation

They are our most popular product. For all of the features compared to the cost, they are an excellent choice. They look great and their insulating properties will lower your energy bills. Remember, they are virtually maintenance free.

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Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation Now!

Call: (719) 633-3633
- OR -
Schedule an Appointment
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