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Aluminum Blinds in Colorado Springs

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The Blind Connection is your source for aluminum blinds in Colorado Springs. When most people think about window coverings, they think of aluminum blinds. Some people may even call them mini-blinds. Aluminum Blinds may be your least expensive option when it comes to window coverings.

Aluminum blinds are the traditional venetian miniblinds that most people are familiar with. They come in a wide range of colors, textures, and are available in 0.5", 1", 2" and 3" slats.

Price $ (They vary by slat size.)
Durability Fair
Function Tilt Open and Fully Open
Operation Aluminum Blinds are usually operated by a cord to lift them, and a wand to tilt them.
Looks Utilitarian. Traditional blinds are not the most stylish of your options, but they are very simple.
Privacy Good. When closed, there are some small holes on each slat that someone could hypothetically see through, even though it would be difficult.
Sun Protection (UV Protection) Excellent when closed.
Insulation Fair. Aluminum conducts heat, so they absorb the outside temperature.
See Through No.
Can be motorized? No.
Can be cordless? Not at this time.
Compatible with large windows? Yes.
Black Out? Blocks out approximately 75% of ambient light. Aluminum blinds are more effective at room darkening, but not black-out due to light entering between slants, cord holes and sides. If you are interested in black-out, we recommend other products.

There is a 'no-holes' option, where the cords go behind the slats instead of through them. This will reduce some of the light that gets through and this option is more attractive when the slats are closed. Contact a member of our design team for more details.
Stack Size when Raised? Small compared to other blinds.
Water Resistant? Yes.
Easy to Clean? No. Aluminum is a postive charged metal and actually attracts dust.
Compatible with Patio Doors? Yes, but not recommended.


They are light weight, inexpensive, can cover large windows and appear very small when raised open.


They have a dated look, and attract dust. There are much better options out there for insulation. They are also fairly susceptible to having slats bent.

Our Recommendation

Aluminum Blinds are the least expensive option in window coverings. They are most frequently purchased by budget conscious customers or commercial offices.

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Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation Now!

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